05 October 2007

Week 7

Welcome to the Nursery/Preschool Blog!

This past week in our preschool class:

*we talked about our families.
*our number of the week was 6.
*Miss Page hung up our pasta picture frames in the classroom (come check them out!)
*the creative workshop was mommy butterflies.

This past week in our nursery class:
*we talked about the people in our familes.
*we used markers to draw pictures of 'sisters'.
*we painted in the passageway and made beautiful pictures.
*we read the story 'My Love for You'.


The preschoolers are still missing Mayra while she is away on holiday. We celebrated Miss Page's birthday on Monday and Miss Elizabeth's birthday on Friday. This week we were able to play with balls on Deck 7 because the wonderful Deck Department was able to put the netting up. Thank you, thank you!! For those of you not on the ship, this is incredibly important so we are not losing all our toys over the side of the ship :)

Children not in the preschool photo: Mayra
Children not in the nursery photo: Norah

1 comment:

Winnie said...

Hi Elizabeth and Rachel, I am looking at this in Biringham AL and feel a bit of nostalgia - I miss the ship after being gone for more than two months. Looks like you are doing a great job. Continue to serve the Lord with the children. He is VERY PLEASED with your service.
Love - Winnie