12 October 2007

Week 8

Welcome to the Nursery/Preschool Blog!

This past week in our preschool class:
*we continued to talk about our families.
*our number of the week was 7.
*our story this week was 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.'
*the 4 year-olds took home their third pre-decodable book, 'The Picnic'.
*the creative workshop was a teddy bear for dad.

This past week in our nursery class:
*we talked about the people in our familes.
*we used markers to draw pictures of 'brothers' and 'me'.
*we reviewed the stories we have already read about families.
*our free play was with playdough and Mega blocks.

There was no school this Friday because of the ship holiday.

The preschoolers working on learning numbers.

Dancing around with Miss Page.

Nursery girls working on building towers.

Everyone waiting to go home.

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