28 September 2007

Week 6

Welcome to the Nursery/Preschool Blog!

This past week in our preschool class:
*we started our new theme on families.
*we reviewed numbers 1-5.
*the 4 year old students started their second pre-decodable book - 'The Family'.
*we learned some words that rhyme.
*the creative workshop was pasta picture frames.

This past week in our nursery class:
*our stories were 'Where's My Mummy?' and 'I Like It When'.
*we talked about the people in our familes.
*we used markers to draw pictures of 'mom' and 'dad'.
*we learned a new song about how mommy love us.

The preschool class is missing Mayra very much and hope she comes back soon from her holidays in Holland.

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