21 September 2007

Week 5

Welcome to the Nursery/Preschool Blog!

This past week in our preschool class:
*we finished our first theme of 'I am Special'
*the number of the week was 5.
*we reviewed some songs like 'Clap Your Hands', 'Open and Shut Them', and 'Where is Thumbkin?'.
*the 4 year old students started their first pre-decodable books.
*we decided some of our favorite stories in the Big Book are 'Mary had a Little Lamb', 'Three Little Kittens' and 'Over in the Meadow'.
*the creative workshop was messy play with paint.

This past week in our nursery class:
*our new favorite songs are 'Jelly on My Plate' and 'The More We Get Together'.
*we drew pictures with markers, read books together on the carpet and played with playdough.
*we brought the castle out on Friday to play with on Deck 7.


Next week both groups will be started a new theme about families.

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